Elixir: A Mini-Documentary

Elixir is such a young language and the rate of adoption is really impressive. Its testament not only to its power and performance, but to the community  behind it. Phoenix has made Elixir as accessible as Rails, Nerves is pushing it to new frontiers and the core language continues to develop everyday. This mini-documentary was a project of passion and we are really grateful to the community for welcoming us in. 

Get ready to explore the origins of the Elixir programming language, the manner in which it handles concurrency and the speed with which it has grown since its creation back in 2011.

Featuring José Valim, creator of Elixir, and several other big names from the Elixir community, including Justin Schneck, co-author of the Nerves Project, and Chris McCord, the creator of the Phoenix Framework, this documentary highlights the power of open-source development and the role of Elixir in enabling developers to achieve things that were impossible, or prohibitively expensive, to do before.

Much more than Erlang in Ruby’s clothing, and applicable to more purposes than just web development, Elixir is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant eco-systems in today’s programming world.

We love giving back to the tech community. We contribute to open-source projects, run tech meetups and conferences such as GraphQL Europe, and now, we want to share open source stories from around the world.

The Elixir mini-documentary was filmed over the span of 2 months from April to May 2018 in Berlin, Krakow and Warsaw with the help and support of the Elixir Community.


Founder at Honeypot

Videographer at Honeypot


It was challenging to work on a project like this without a background in tech. I had to learn fast. Thankfully, the community around Elixir are so welcoming and down to earth.

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